RADIO SILENCE is an award-winning magazine of literature and rock & roll, featuring the best contributors, issue-by-issue, of any magazine in the history of publishing. We are currently in hibernation—although we would happily discuss collaboration, acquisition, investment, etc. Beautiful print issues are for sale in our store, and digital content is free.




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The Radio Silence digital edition shares some features with our print magazine but also includes unique material, such as unreleased songs, podcasts, short films, and book and record reviews. A new digital issue appears every month, always free across all platforms.


"Radio Silence is the bar we all wish we had in the neighborhood. Great jukebox, terrific conversation, and a few things to read quietly with a nightcap when the hour grows late."

Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket)


If the Paris Review were starting today, it would be called Radio Silence. And if Melville were starting today, Radio Silence is where he’d want to be. How many journals can you say that about? And how many others do you read cover to cover? 

playwright David Ives



Radio Silence isn't only a magazine—it also exists live on stage. From intimate loft parties to large concerts, our events feature writers and musicians in performance and collaboration. These gatherings offer an opportunity to get together with good people who share our love for literature and rock & roll.

"Radio Silence gets to the feeling of music by being alert to the way great writing itself approaches the musical. I have more fun reading these pages, whether online or in print, than I do almost any other magazine these days."

—best-selling author Rick Moody



There’s also a 501(c)3 nonprofit element to Radio Silence, as we aim to do our part to help create the next generation of artists and audiences. When you subscribe to the magazine or purchase an event ticket, a portion of your payment is set aside to buy books and musical instruments for under-served youth. If we can help inspire a few kids to want to be the next Buddy Holly or Langston Hughes—if we can help ignite some sparks—that ain’t a bad thing.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 3.44.05 PM.png

In these days of mixing media and crossing borders, what the world has been crying out for is a literary magazine that flows as transportingly as a Van Morrison riff, and a music magazine that reads as elegantly as a Scott Fitzgerald story. Welcome to Radio Silence! I devour each issue as greedily as if I were consuming Granta and Dylan’s next memoir in the same breath. 

—writer Pico Iyer



Radio Silence was the recipient of a 2015 Pushcart Prize.

"1 of the 10 Best New Magazines in the Country: At the heart of the success of RS is the editor’s fine ear for lyric prose. Stone has wrought a very cool, eminently readable new literary magazine." 

Library Journal

"Best of 2012: Radio Silence seems to have hit upon a killer combo, literature and rock & roll…. Look out, Dave Eggers—you’ve got competition." 

San Francisco magazine

"[In Radio Silence] we’re brought face-to-face with why we turn to books or music (or anything)—for consolation or connection, to see something of ourselves in someone else. It’s not redemption, exactly, but respite, the recognition that for this moment anyway, we are not alone." 

LA Times